Upcoming events

Upcoming Events

ON-LINE Integrating Environmental Management Systems with Sustainability & The Natural Step On-Line Webinar Course (Sept 21, 28, Oct. 5 & Oct. 12)

Your customers and/or shareholders are conducting “sustainability supplier assessments”, but they go way beyond your Environmental Management System (EMS). They focus on community, people, responsibly sourced raw materials and material efficiency! How do you use your ISO 14001 program and other Environmental Management and Quality Systems as a platform for measuring, tracking and operationalizing your performance in these areas? Combining your EMS (such as ISO14001) and sustainability strategy development (such as The Natural Step) may just be your answer. In this workshop learn how to evaluate and integrate these systems to deliver on stakeholder requirements and additional profitability to your bottom-line.

Developing Your Toxics Use Reduction Plan

Humber College North Campus, Toronto, September 30, 2010

Compliance with Ontario’s new Toxic Use Reduction Act and Regulations requires manufacturers in Ontario that file under NPRI to prepare pollution prevention plans for designated toxic substances. In this program we will show you how meet your compliance requirements, save money through practical utility and waste reduction measures, and improve the health and safety of the work environment while bringing a “greener” product to market.

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About Kathryn Cooper

Kathryn Cooper is a committed sustainability practitioner and educator moving companies toward β€œgreen” profitability and sustainable competitive advantage by unlocking human creativity and technical innovation. Over the last two years she has had the privilege to work with companies like Dupont, Zerofootprint, WWF Canada, and Partners in Project Green on sustainability issues, best practices and renewable energy. Kathryn is a graduate of York University with a Master of Education specializing on Sustainability and the Environment. She holds an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph.
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