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Ancient Traditions and Modern Ecological Design

I think we all agree that Albert Einstein was a pretty smart guy.  And just like parents in our adolescent years, he seems to get smarter the older we get.   He once said: “Look deep into nature, and then you will … Continue reading

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What is the connection between Plan-Do-Check-Act, ISO 14001 and Social Responsibility?

How is your “integrated thinking” cap working?  This Winter, Sandra Tavares and Stephen Boles, course leaders for SLC’s ISO 26000 course introduced an interesting perspective on connecting the plan-do-check-act cycle, ISO 14001 and social responsibility through the “Sustainability Wheel” a tool … Continue reading

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Crafting a Positive Environmental Narrative (via Global Warming is Real)

Positive narratives may be our best hope for fostering desperately needed environmental action. Decades of ecological warnings have failed to produce the necessary societal changes. The enthralling realities and fascinating mysteries of the natural world offer endless inspiration for an alternative…

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