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Who is Daniel Caunter? Daniel is a series of contrasts – Environmentalist MBA, anglo Montrealer, landlocked surfer, serious about fun, and creatively practical. He has lofty ideals, but is focused on finding veritable solutions that will work in reality. He is a work in progress, building a career in environmental business with a focus on stakeholder engagement, project management and corporate communications. Daniel can be reached via Twitter (@danielcaunter), or by commenting here on this site. If you’d like a real-time update on this work in progress, he may even be persuaded to come out for a pint or a cuppa. (Please note: the views expressed in Daniel’s posts are his personally - though sometimes satirical - and are not necessarily those of his employer or other don’t be silly.)

Is It Time to Pull the Plug on Earth Hour?

I forgot about Earth Hour. I mean, it’s not like I forgot Earth Day, plus I have my excuses. I was moving on Saturday so I was distracted. Well, in reality we had finished long before 8:30 PM so I … Continue reading

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There’s Still Room in the MBA Toolbox

It is said, around darkened pub booths and student haunts, that there was a time long ago when jobs were reasonably available. Legend has it an applicant would have a good chance of success if they had a bit of … Continue reading

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Sustainability in Canada 2010: A Year in Review

Another year in the books! As we crawl out of our Christmas haze bleary-eyed and ten pounds heavier, it is a good opportunity to look back and reflect on the events of 2010 as they pertain to the environment in … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap: Understanding Sustainability and Managing To Do Something about It

We all have good intentions, well, most of us anyway. Often these good intentions don’t translate into productive action, either due to a gap in knowing how to get from A to B or from a lack of true conviction. … Continue reading

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A Garbage Patch To Call Our Own

In late September, I took part in the International Coastal Cleanup, a global effort to clean the world’s beaches and coastlines of litter and manageable waste. Landlocked? No problem. Though headed by a central body, the Canadian coordination of the … Continue reading

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Having Designs on Environmental Performance: IIDEX/NeoCon 2010

This past week, I spent some time at the IIDEX/NeoCon show at the Direct Energy Centre here in Toronto. Well that was different. It was unlike any other show I had been to, I mean, it’s not often I feel … Continue reading

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Practically Practical Guide to Sustainable Supply Chain

To enhance my understanding of the more specific areas of sustainable business, I make an effort to read some white papers and special reports that are outside my scope of work. This week I took a closer look at sustainable … Continue reading

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How Nancy Pelosi Sets an Example

Several days have passed since Nancy Pelosi wrapped up her Canadian visit, so this post may come a little late (I blame TIFF), but there are important lessons to be gleaned from the visit for environmentalists and change managers. The … Continue reading

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Are CSR Initiatives Really Appropriate in All Circumstances?

My initial response to the question posed in the title is “Yes.” Blog post over. Naturally, it’s not that simple. Being an MBA and an environmentalist, I’m well aware of the conflicting interests between corporations and maintaining our natural environment. … Continue reading

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Choice Words for a Green Audience

Gobbledygook! There. I said it. This may seem like an odd choice for the first word of my first ever blog post, but I chose it for two reasons. First, it’s a fun little term with all kinds of extra … Continue reading

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