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Jody Addah is an environmental professional with over 12 years of experience in consulting and the public sector. With a background in environmental science and engineering (and an MBA to boot), Jody’s interests lie in finding sustainability through process improvement and strategic opportunities. When not trying to figure out the problems of the day, Jody spends his time trying the figure out the two little people that have recently come into his life.

Maximizing the Business-NGO Relationship

Supporting a local or international non-profit organization, especially one working for a social or environmental cause, is a great way to support the community and expand your corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. Non-profits have the distinct advantage of being both … Continue reading

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Sustainability for Profit – Drifting from the Core Message

Is a sustainability initiative best justified by showing the potential benefits to your companies bottom line? At first look, it would appear so.  One of the great things about sustainability initiatives is that they often go hand in hand with maximizing … Continue reading

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From Science to Sustainability

So here it is! My first blog in the world of sustainability and I have to say that I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this amazing collection of ideas and experiences. First off, I have to make a … Continue reading

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