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Sustainability Engagement Network Discussion (SEND) Series is a informal network of Sustainability Engagement Specialists sharing best practices on:

• Planning and strategy – assessing needs, visioning and addressing challenges
• Employee Surveys
• Communicating with front line staff
• Benchmarking/Office rating system
• Beyond start-up – dealing with plateaus and revitalizing programs
• Addressing scope: local vs corporate plans and activities
• Participation – overcoming barriers and competing priorities
• Integrating sustainability into operations – creating culture, gaining leadership support, KPIs
• Tracking and Measurement – outputs, outcomes, metrics, etc
• Reporting – purpose and content

Planning and Strategy for Engagement of Employees for Sustainability (Session 1 – SEND)

Planning and Strategy (This is the first post in a series within the Sustainability Learning Centre’s Sustainability Engagement Network Discussion (SEND) initiative) By Wendy Firlotte, Employee Engagement for Sustainability Specialist Whether your organization is looking to start a new sustainability … Continue reading

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