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3 Ways to Make Employee Engagement for Sustainability Sexier

By Caroline Nolan Leveraging social media and strategic branding strategies to engage employees to attain business objectives and improve environmental sustainability performance I was in a sustainability-related business meeting recently when the topic of employee engagement arose in a discussion … Continue reading

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Mind the Gap: Understanding Sustainability and Managing To Do Something about It

We all have good intentions, well, most of us anyway. Often these good intentions don’t translate into productive action, either due to a gap in knowing how to get from A to B or from a lack of true conviction. … Continue reading

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A Garbage Patch To Call Our Own

In late September, I took part in the International Coastal Cleanup, a global effort to clean the world’s beaches and coastlines of litter and manageable waste. Landlocked? No problem. Though headed by a central body, the Canadian coordination of the … Continue reading

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Are CSR Initiatives Really Appropriate in All Circumstances?

My initial response to the question posed in the title is “Yes.” Blog post over. Naturally, it’s not that simple. Being an MBA and an environmentalist, I’m well aware of the conflicting interests between corporations and maintaining our natural environment. … Continue reading

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