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Sustainability – Why marketing needs to be firmly rooted in the movement

Imagine a future time: Sustainability Managers are embedded inside all product categories, brand managers regularly follow sustainability trends inside and outside the company, young marketing graduates emerge from top business schools where green and sustainable branding is infused within every … Continue reading

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Life Cycle Assessment brings credibility to “green” products… (Part 2)

Part 2 – Understanding the full life cycle cost of our actions In Part 1 ( Life Cycle Assessment – the “language” of sustainability professionals ) of this series on Life Cycle Assessment we learned how all Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) are not “created … Continue reading

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Life Cycle Assessment: a revolutionary game changer and best kept secret

Author and Playwright Howard Zinn once wrote, “Revolutionary change does not come as one cataclysmic moment but as an endless succession of surprises, moving zigzag toward a more decent society.” The movement toward Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a standard for internalizing our long ignored externalities is exactly this type of transformation.
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