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Session 5: Beyond Start up – dealing with plateaus and revitalizing programs (SEND)

Wendy gained experience as the Sustainability Engagement Manager for a large multi-national engineeing firm with 171 offices. By Wendy Firlotte, Sustainability Engagement Practitioner. Sustainability engagement programs thrive with involved and enthusiastic employees.  Enthusiasm drives inspiration, motivation, commitment and increased chances … Continue reading

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Are we stuck in a ‘shallow’ partnership culture?

Last week in Tim Draimin’s, webinar “Getting Started on Social Innovation”, he explained that we are stuck in a “shallow partnership culture”. This really struck a cord with me. Let me be clear, I don’t think any of my present … Continue reading

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Building Personal Capacity for Sustainability – Practice as the Wormhole for Transformation

“No transformation can take place without personal and collective practice.” -Toke Møller  What does it mean when you decide, “I think I am going to start a yoga practice?” I was listening to one of my favorite teachers, Caroline Myss, … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Make Employee Engagement for Sustainability Sexier

By Caroline Nolan Leveraging social media and strategic branding strategies to engage employees to attain business objectives and improve environmental sustainability performance I was in a sustainability-related business meeting recently when the topic of employee engagement arose in a discussion … Continue reading

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Maximizing the Business-NGO Relationship

Supporting a local or international non-profit organization, especially one working for a social or environmental cause, is a great way to support the community and expand your corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. Non-profits have the distinct advantage of being both … Continue reading

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From Science to Sustainability

So here it is! My first blog in the world of sustainability and I have to say that I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this amazing collection of ideas and experiences. First off, I have to make a … Continue reading

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