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Gameification of Systems Thinking Training

How would you rate your understanding of systems thinking? I want to share a downloadable, fun and practical toolkit that will increase your success. We live in a world of systems.  The traffic you drove through this morning, financial markets, … Continue reading

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Ancient Traditions and Modern Ecological Design

I think we all agree that Albert Einstein was a pretty smart guy.  And just like parents in our adolescent years, he seems to get smarter the older we get.   He once said: “Look deep into nature, and then you will … Continue reading

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From Me to We: The Five Transformational Commitments Required to Rescue the Planet, Your Organization, and Your Life

Do you have any unexamined assumptions that lead to unintended consequences?  I know I do.   I just wish somebody would point them out to me so they would be more transparent.  I mean – really, wouldn’t it be a better use of my … Continue reading

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Systemic change required: A comprehensive sustainability strategy is a leading business strategy

In a system, everything is connected to everything.  It is messy.  That is why Descartes and those who followed him in the 16th Century introduced linear procedures of thinking, dualisms and rationality as aspects of modern consciousness.  We are stuck with … Continue reading

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